Our groundbreaking WFCT Network comprises 3 translational initiatives designed to advance D3G's social-good mission by:
(1) Helping the public understand and communicate about chalky teeth problems;
(2) Enabling network members keep up-to-date with "everything D3", communicate effectively in professional and public settings, and support research & education about chalky teeth/D3s directly.

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  • We Fight Chalky Teeth Suporting Organisations Logo
  • Speak Chalky Teeth Logo

Although early in development, this unique network venture is already proving a major win across the board:

  • > For the public, having a dental practice-based face to the Chalky Teeth Campaign adds a more personal touch to public messaging received from healthcare organisations and industry;
  • > Within the healthcare field, a "one-stop-shop" spanning 3 key stakeholder groups (specialist practitioners, professional organisations, industry) makes the WFCT network an unparalleled opinion leader, informer for education, contributor to research, and industrial testbed;
  • > "WFCTers" stand to benefit from "same language" associations (communication, learning, marketing) with each other and across D3G more broadly;
  • > For D3G, WFCT contributions (both financial and in kind) play a key role in keeping our threadbare charity afloat.

LEARN MORE about the WFCT Network groups and our special "chalky teeth lingo":

Why "WFCT"?

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