Healthier Babies = Stronger Teeth

Wouldn't it be great if, as a by-product of our having healthier babies, children could grow up with stronger teeth? – who wouldn't want a nicer smile and less tooth decay in their loved ones?

In a startling number of children's teeth1 the surface coating of tooth enamel is imperfect due to developmental problems that happened inside the jaw during infancy – such 'chalky teeth' can look bad, hurt, and decay more easily than normal.

Many parents ask us if they can do anything to prevent chalky teeth through caring for baby's or mother's health?

Our answer is YES - there actually are proven things you can do to reduce risk for some types of chalky teeth. But much more research is needed before a good solution can exist for all.

We want to develop an Online Education Resource2 covering these medical and nutritional matters. Importantly, this world-first initiative will serve as a "prevention partner" for our popular chalky teeth resources (Chalky Teeth, The D3 Group) which are benefitting societies around the world.

But we need funding to do so.

Should you like to support this social cause, either by private donation or corporate sponsorship3, then please email us and/or donate as described here.

Thanks from The D3 team.

1. Research studies from around the world show that anywhere from 1-in-5 to more than 1-in-2 kids have at least one chalky tooth, with risk generally being lower in well-developed countries

2. Website plus allied educational materials

3. For example organisations & companies serving within the parenting/medical/dental/pharmacy sphere

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