A new addition to The Chalky Teeth Campaign, 'We Fight Chalky Teeth' is a collaboration between specialist dental practices and The D3 Group (D3G). This educational initiative aims to help the public (1) find specialist practices with strong interests in chalky teeth problems and (2) access scientifically-based information about chalky teeth (D3s), while also supporting D3G's research mission.

To accomplish this aim, 'We Fight Chalky Teeth' practices:

  • > will give your child a special 'Chalky Teeth Check-up' and happily discuss chalky teeth with you
  • > have a unique Chalky Teeth Campaign 'satellite page' on their websites (click below for examples)
  • > make Sam's story and other D3G educational materials freely available to their clients
  • > keep up-to-date and support chalky teeth research and education through D3G membership



We gratefully acknowledge these 'We Fight Chalky Teeth' practices for their support. Although they must pass a test we set each year, D3G does not endorse or otherwise recommend them over and above other practices with equivalent specialist registration.

Supporting Practice Speciality Since Location
TassieKids Dentistry Paediatric Dentistry 2016 Hobart, AUS
Kew Paediatric Group Paediatric Dentistry 2017 Melbourne, AUS
Riversdale Orthodontics Orthodontics 2017 Melbourne, AUS
Kidz-Teeth Paediatric Dentistry 2017 Auckland, NZ
The SND Practice Special Needs Dentistry 2018 Sydney, AUS
Specialist Paediatric DP Paediatric Dentistry 2018 Sydney, AUS
Medland Orthodontics Orthodontics 2018 Benowa, AUS
The Paediatric Dental Practice Paediatric Dentristry 2018 Benowa, AUS
Lavrin-Lawrence Orthodontics Orthodontics 2018 Melbourne, AUS
KidsSmile Paediatric Dentistry Paediatric Dentistry 2018 Newcastle, AUS
Dr Caroline Chung SPD Paediatric Dentistry 2018 Sydney, AUS
Sunshine Coast PD Paediatric Dentistry 2018 Maroochydore, AUS
iKids Paediatric Dental Care Paediatric Dentistry 2019 North Fremantle, AUS
iOrtho Ilam Orthodontics Orthodontics 2019 Christchurch, NZ
Kids Chompers Paediatric Dentistry 2019 Sydney, AUS
Kids Dental Sydney Paediatric Dentistry 2019 Sydney, AUS
Hamilton Orthodontics Orthodontics 2019 Hamilton, NZ


As “the fight against tooth decay” slogan enjoys universal recognition, we thought it logical to extend a “battle” metaphor to the world of chalky teeth and allied tooth decay. Hence “we fight chalky teeth” was born as an informative and self-explanatory catchphrase for dental practitioners concerned about state-of-the-art management of chalky teeth/D3s.

Being at a formative stage, this initiative is currently restricted to specialist dental practices in Australia and New Zealand only. We hope that, with further network growth, WFCT practices will participate in and help fund innovative research aimed at preventing costly D3 problems.

For more information, please contact:

"We Fight Chalky Teeth", "Champions in the fight against chalky teeth" and "Chalky Teeth Check-up" are copyrights of The D3 Group. All rights reserved.